Cow Mats

DCC Waterbeds

DCC Waterbeds offer a long-lasting, comfortable, low-maintenance solution to a dairy management challenge—consistent cow comfort.

Water is a forgiving surface that supports the cow, but will not pack down. The beds gently float the cow's pressure points—knees, hocks, and udder—while shedding moisture and helping keep bacteria levels low.

Every time a cow leaves a DCC Waterbed, the bed immediately returns to its original shape, ensuring a custom fit for every cow, every time.

Cows like a comfortable surface. Cows like predictability. DCC Waterbeds provide both—every minute of every day. With DCC Waterbeds, you will have peace of mind knowing your cows are comfortable, dry, clean, and cool.

Kraiburg KKM 'Feathersoft' Interlocking

  • Interlocking cut provides a nearly seamless surface
  • Surface - Hammered Pebble
  • Support - Unique 'honeycomb' pattern constructed of virgin high friction material for resiliance and wear resistance
  • Rear 1/3 of the mat slopes downward for better drainage
  • Unique moisture seal around the rear to reduce liquid build up
  • Integrated fixing points
  • Simple to install
  • Available with straight or interlocking sides
  • Interlocking mats provide a nearly seamless surface
  • Avilable in 8 sizes with straight edges and 4 sizes with interlocking cuts

Kraiburg KKM LongLine

  • KKM LongLine (continuous stall mat roll) is Kraiburg’s most popular stall mat!
  • All options include sealing strips underneath the mat to minimize soiling
  • Comfortable and skin friendly elastic surface
  • Integrated soft slope to rear edge promotes a dry surface
  • Recommended for use in free stalls and tie stalls

Kraiburg KEW Plus

  • Absolutely the softest mat on the market without sacrificing durability
  • Innovative design helps center the cow in the stall
  • Multi-piece system
  • Recommended only for free stalls
  • Integrated connecting bar provides a flat, problem free seam
  • Rear 1/3 slopes slightly to the alley
  • Available in 3 widths

Kraiburg CALMA

  • CALMA mats are specially designed for special needs areas, calving pens and heifer stalls
  • Air-cushion-like lower side to create a dimensionally stable, durable and slip resistant mat
  • Puzzle cut on three sides to fit into heifer stalls
  • Rear edge is chamfered so there is no stumbling edge
  • Easy to clean and disinfect
  • Simple installation

Kraiburg KIM

  • KIM stall mat rolls are specifically designed for use in heifer stalls
  • The air cushion profile comfortably supports the weight of young cows allowing heifers to be comfortable while lying or getting up
  • Resilient, pebbled surface optimizes slip resistance
  • Continuous stall mat roll allows for installation independent of divider arrangement
  • Fasten only at the front edge – quick installation!
  • Sealing lips on the underside of the rear edge minimizes soiling under mat
  • Integrated slope to rear edge helps facilitate drainage keeping mats clean and dry
  • Requires one connector bar to join ends of rolls together if needed
  • Recommended for free stalls and tie stalls


  • The profile element (wing and supporting stud) create an extremely stable, wear resistant and flexible mat
  • WINGFLEX adjusts easily to the lying cow while also providing her the firmness she needs when getting up and lying down
  • Sealing lips around the outside edge completely surround the mat and prevent dirt and bedding from getting underneath
  • Innovative wing profile creates Kraiburg’s softest mat
  • Adapts optimally to the body shape of the lying cow
  • Comfortable and skin-friendly surface
  • Integrated slope to rear edge help facilitate drainage keeping mats clean and dry
  • Connector bars lie flush with the mats edges and surface allowing for proficient installation
  • Only recommended for free stalls

Kraiburg SoftBed System

  • 1", 1 1/2", or 2" foam underlayment for softness
  • Lower Bedding Maintenance Costs
  • Matting in Rolls Form a Waterproof, Non-Porous Top Layer
  • Substantial Improvement in Hygiene Compared to other Mattresses
  • Easy to Clean Anti-Slip Surface
  • Foam Underlay Provides Long Lasting Comfort
  • Designed to Meet the Needs of both you and your Cows

Kraiburg maxiBOX

  • The KRAIBURG maxiBOX solves the problems of the classic deep bedded stall
  • Consistently good comfort in deep bedded stalls is not always easy to attain and is especially hard to maintain
  • The classic deep bedded stall has to contend with several problems which have negative effects on cow comfort
  • Elastic edges in the front and in the back
  • Maximum lying comfort
  • Year-round functional safety
  • Easier stall management possible
  • Only 1.25 - 2” bedding depth required

Kraiburg ergoBOARD

  • Kraiburg’s flexible rubber brisket board
  • Its pleasantly soft contact area allows natural lying positions with foreleg stretched out
  • The ergoBOARD can be easily combined with various Kraiburg stall mats including: WINGFLEX, KEW Plus, KIM, KKM, Soft Bed Longline and CALMA
  • Flexible, comfortable and dimensionally stable
  • Allows relaxed changing of lying position
  • Easy on carpal joints when getting up
  • East to retrofit!

Kraiburg Cirrus SE - for Slotted Floors

  • 3/4" overall thickness with ribbed underside
  • Ultra-Grip surface for superior traction
  • Unique rubber anchors included
  • Custom cut for your floor
  • Requires detailed measurements by a certified Agromatic representative
  • Can withstand some skid loader traffic

Agri-Comfort Diamond Rolled Rubber Flooring

The right herd floor doesn’t need to be puzzling; the right herd floor doesn’t need to be a gently used re-purposed discard. The Agri-Diamond is specifically designed and engineered for your cow’s daily comfort and traction needs. Whether its alleys, breezeways, walkways, parlors or holding areas – whether its flush, skid steer or automated cleaning – Agri-Diamond will floor you!

  • Lateral bi-directional traction
  • Industrial grade belting
  • Double woven 2 plies
  • Virgin rubber compound
  • Non-absorbent and urine resistant
  • Consistent quality
  • Ideal for all types of cleaning equipment
  • Precision-fit installation for minimal herd disruption

Agri-Comfort Legacy Slat Rubber Flooring

When cattle are more comfortable, overall production is increased. There is also a reduction of injuries because of improved traction and better hoof health. This results in increased longevity and better health, which is best for both your livestock and your business.

  • Double-Button surface for ultimate traction and cushion
  • Animal-friendly
  • Developed for Beef and Dairy cattle
  • Reinforced: least deformation
  • Patented All-Rubber Fastener System
  • Full slat coverage: Exact fit to concrete
  • Easy installation
  • Made from 100% upcycled rubber
  • 6-Year Limited Warranty
  • Slip-resistant surface

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